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When I’m being a bitch, mom has taken to calling me Ellie, I shall embrace the Ellie side of life!

The brilliant part of Ellie life, is that she said it last night while I had a glass of wine in my hand. 



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LOL. I love him.

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"Relax, it’s just a TV show."


I agree with all of this <3

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On July 15th:


“Have you seen my glasses?”

“Harry wore glasses!” →

“Do you want something to eat?”

“Ron loved to eat!” 

“I read it in this book and…”

“Hermione used to read books!” →

“How is school going?”

“It burned down!” →

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Interviewer: So do you laugh when people tell you what a glamorous life you’ve had?

Emma: People who are close to me know that there were days when it was decidedly unglamorous.

I was so tired; I would fall asleep anywhere. There were so many - they’ll never be released… but yeah, the on-set photographer has pictures of me falling asleep everywhere! Like, in chairs, on the floor, in the middle of a set - like curled up like this. You know, everywhere and anywhere.

Interviewer: A cat. Like a little cat on the set.

Emma: Like a cat, exactly! You’d never know… There were times when crew members didn’t know where to find me but they knew I’d be curled up somewhere. [laughs]

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